I am Ivanka, a full stack dev based in 🇧🇬 Bulgaria, working @ Dineout. This is the second iteration of my digital garden, that has, so far, helped me immensely throughout my university years. Here I keep notes on things I learn, essays, and other stuff I find interesting. Some of my writings are in Bulgarian, others are in English.

I am using Obsidian to write and organise my notes. I am also using Quartz for creating this beautiful website based on the notes.

The idea behind digital gardens is that there are no linear paths, no beginnings, no ends. It’s a place to explore, to learn, to grow. However, below you will find some of my notes, in simple categories, to give you an idea of what you can find here.

📚 Lectures

Notes on lectures from courses I’ve taken in New Bulgarian University, Udemy or elsewhere.

🧮 Math

Notes on multiple branches of math, such as:#set-theory,#number-theory,#logic-and-proofs,#graph-theory,#combinatorics,#geometry,#linear-algebra

💻 Programming

I’ve been learning and practicing#rust and, for university purposes,#cpp. I have saved some#algorithms on here, too.

📝 Essays

🎉 Hobby

I like playing#games on both#pc or#nintendo-switch, reading fantasy#books or watching#movies and#tv-shows.

Stay humble,